Create your perfect and practical IT Service Desk
Tired of choosing the proper IT service desk software for your company? We know how daunting and time-consuming this task is for every company, so we're thrilled to offer you our innovative solution. See how easily you can offload your IT services and effectively manage all services and incidents from one interface.

We won't let you drown in thousands of applications

Manage incidents, changes, and equipment from on a single screen. Make an efficient custom funnel for incoming calls, track task statuses, and monitor other essential services.

How can a chatbot help my IT Department?

Handle typical requests

80% of routine issues are easy to resolve. Our chatbot will get to the bottom of the client’s problem and give recommendations on how to solve it — without requiring a specialist’s participation.

Structure application

If tips and a manual didn't help, our chatbot can come to the rescue. It gathers the necessary information, fills out cards, and reduces the processing time of applications.

Assign a specialist

If the issue cannot be resolved by the chatbot, it will be assigned to the proper specialist, who can start working on it immediately.

Each user gets personal online access to the whole catalog of IT services

Users don’t always want to make a call. Online access is essential, and makes it easier for them to consult with a chatbot on typical issues while allowing you to monitor issue processing online.

Diagnose a user’s issues remotely

Instead of asking a staff member to follow instructions, your Service Desk Team can organize a meeting with a client or with your team online using our built-in video call system. Utilize screen-sharing, record conferences, and make comments on presentations using the chat box. No need to switch between platforms.

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All questions and tasks can be discussed without leaving the project card.
Video calls
Utilize screen-sharing and quickly resolve client issues.
Voice calls
Don't waste time dialing — call people straight from the system.

Make decisions automatically

Set up an automatic sequence for any standard procedure, including request distribution, deadline control, and identifying failed equipment.

Create unique problem-solving algorithms

Define a set of conditions and the system will automatically generate tasks and assign responsible specialists to each request. After closing one task, the next one is immediately created according to the custom workflow.

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Special workflows for special people

Customize the acceptable reaction and resolution times for different categories of employees. The system will monitor SLA compliance automatically.

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Automatically identify failed equipment

The system will analyze incidents and automatically link the failed equipment to a request card. If the issue happened with the shared equipment, the system will ask an employee to clarify the details.

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Analyze your IT Service efficiency

The system can automatically generate reports on any data. Generate reports on employee performance, incident dynamics, particular services, and SLA compliance.

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Gather information from different sources in a single platform

Configure integration with any external system via its API. Get customer information from CRM, update the equipment database based on data from a third-party system and synchronize tasks with Jira.

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Do not distract your IT-specialists with typical requests

Handle 80% of repetitive requests with robots and a self-service portal

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