Unleash your Sales Department’s full potential
Do you want to increase your sales? We help make work more effective and transparent, empowering your Sales Department to forget about routine tasks and concentrate on your clients, while allowing the Head of Sales to oversee all leads and KPIs from a single screen.

Earn millions more per year

As your sales become faster and more effective, your revenue will increase exponentially.

Serve more clients

Use automated scripts and bots to engage with every client most effectively.

Keep your sales in sight

Download sales metrics and track leads more efficiently.

Shorten the sales cycle

Customize and implement a more effective sales funnel for your company.

Improve your customer service

We make communicating with your clients faster and easier: you can place calls and write emails directly from the system.

Save your employees time

Smart invoice and contract templates free your managers from paperwork.

Oversee managers

Track your employees’ activity in a live feed.

One platform for the entire sales cycle

Guide your clients through a unique sales funnel: customize each step, from initial contact to sealing the deal. All documents and communication histories are stored in a single base.

Close deals 10x faster

Cards for each lead

Combine all information on a deal in one convenient summary page. Each card can be easily customized for any lead type.

Faster, smarter search

Get data you need in no time. You can easily filter your leads by assignee, payment date, product, or estimated deal amount.

Batch lead processing

Manage leads with one click. Run different scripts for custom lead groups, assign a group of clients to a manager, and more.

Forecast profit and potential risks

Make the work of your Sales Department more transparent. Any information can be instantly viewed in custom reports. Highlight key metrics and possible deviations to track the most important indicators.

Track the return on your investment

Monitor the performance of the entire department and each manager individually. Do your investments in the workplace, business trips, development, and training pay off?


Assess the financial risks of your leads with AI

Our system will forecast how likely each lead is to pay off based on a custom risk and reward assessment. A beautiful chart then demonstrates the expected revenue from each lead and will help you make smarter business decisions.


A personal dashboard for each sales manager

Assess how each manager interacts with clients, how many deals they’ve closed, and how their sales plan was fulfilled. You can analyze the number of calls, emails, meetings, overdue tasks, and payments from clients.


Let a smartbot assign tasks

The system automatically creates tasks depending on the lead stage, estimated deal amount, and other parameters. Once a manager is assigned to a task, they will receive a custom work plan.


Automate important stages of the sales process

Run automated custom scripts when something happens to the lead — like an alert for an overdue payment, stagnant lead, or other scenarios you create.


Sales dynamics are clearly visible

View key metrics on a dashboard — it’s clear and convenient. Monitor your sales in real-time to immediately react to changes.

Speak to your team and clients without switching between different platforms

It doesn’t matter what you have to do — call the client or make a presentation online. You will deal with it so much faster if you do it in the same window — alongside all information on the lead. All calls, emails, and chats will be stored in the system.

Email integration
Connect your Outlook or Gmail account and send emails without leaving the lead card. Emails and attachments you’ve sent are easy to access from the card itself.
Don’t waste time dialing a number — call from the system with one click. Recordings of each call are stored in the lead card.
Video calls
Thanks to our built-in video call system, you can hold a video conference with your clients or team in a couple of clicks.

Serve more clients with the help of AI robots

Sales on any platforms

Build a bot in your website, integrate it with messenger platforms, or send it to the client via a link. The bot can inform the client about promotional offers, help them make a purchase, offer complementary products, and more.

Easy client assessment

Stop wasting time chasing leads that are dead on arrival. The chatbot will question a client, identify their needs, and offer the appropriate product. The manager then receives a record of the interaction and can immediately prepare for the next step.

Create a lead card automatically

The robot will use the data gathered in the chat to create a new lead card in the system. It can also inform the client about their order status or whether or not an item is in stock.

Strengthen your Sales Department with the help of automation

Make the work of your Sales Department more efficient, manageable, and transparent.

Sell more

Shorten the lead cycle and fly through the key progress stages.

Work 24/7, 365

Get new clients ‘round the clock on any platform.

Manage your team

Oversee your managers in real-time.

Save your company money

The platform can be customized and easily implemented in a very short period of time.

Ensure the explosive growth of your sales

Recruit even more happy clients with the same number of staff.