Take full control of your Intellectual Property
Save time on routine tasks when registering IP assets. Use a chatbot to automate your patent-mining sessions, collect necessary documentation for a copyright, or file for a trademark and complete the final application.

Master your intellectual property portfolio

Organize all of your intellectual property assets in a single system. Simple and automatic integration gives you lightning-fast access to any information on any type of IP: trademarks, patents, software, copyrights, as well as their registration and expiration dates.

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Let our robots work for you

Our brilliant chatbots can be programmed to request information about intellectual property, clarify nuances and coolly assess risk.

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Speed up your application process using a chatbot

Assign your bot to collect registration documents and generate a portfolio of what’s needed for the application process automatically.

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Automate IP registration

Program your system to automatically oversee the IP registration process and delegate tasks to your human employees, minimizing busy work while maximizing efficiency.

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an all-in-one solution

Automate your work today

Your comprehensive solution for managing intellectual property.

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