Process insurance claims automatically
Save time and money by utilizing robots and AI. Give your clients a faster, better experience while empowering your employees to tackle tough problems, not routine claims and paperwork.

We save our average insurance company client millions of dollars a year

We’ll help make your business processes faster, better, and more affordable. You’ll start getting a return on your investment instantly.

Simple & user-friendly interface

Employees will quickly adapt to the system and use it to improve their work.

Make any business processes more efficient

Easily customize our software to fit the needs of your company, no programming skills required.

AI-powered chatbots for loss processing and policy issuance

Our robots will empower you to serve many more customers with fewer resources, 24/7.

Operational reporting

Download reports on any metrics in minutes. Monitor key performance metrics using visual dashboards.

Seamless integration

Our tech plays well with CRM, SAP, Oracle, databases, and other corporate systems.

Fast and affordable implementation

The implementation speed of our system is three times faster and cheaper than comparable systems.


Impress customers with a new level of service

Upload data and photos

Customers can make insurance claims directly from their phones by interacting with a virtual assistant and attaching a photo of the accident and a vehicle damage report.

We handle scheduling

The bot will offer your clients options for the nearest car service stations and help them select a service time that works for them.

Track the status of an appeal

To check an application's status, you no longer need to call an agent and go to your personal account. The bot is available at any time and will promptly give feedback on the client's request.

Forget about manually entering data from applications

Easily upload document data, including handwritten information, with OCR. Scan an accident report to automatically load its data into the claim card. Easily view all information on the insured event and track the claim’s process.

2,4 million $
Amount one client saves per year with our platform
In 2019, the Renaissance Insurance Group automated the settlement of insured events using our platform. Now the clients just need to enter incident data, and they immediately receives a referral for repair. Clients have expressed appreciation for the new level of customer service.
staff involvement in the settlement process has decreased.
3x faster
than the global industry average.
3x cheaper
the implementation process of the platform compared to similar platforms.

Manage everything from a single window

Control all insurance areas in one place: the development of insurance products, sales, accounting and maintenance contracts, claims, and whatever else you choose to track.

All data on property, policies, clients, and contacts available in a single place

Accounting cards are configured for each process, can be customized, and contain all of the information on electronic policies, property, customers, and insured events. All cards are interconnected.

We make everything easy for you

A simple setup process helps you customize your display to show information on all of the insured properties.


All policy information is safely stored in one place

Each card allows you to easily see all information on the policyholder: insured parties, property data, documents, the history of changes and more.


See your communication history with each client

You always have access to all of clients' personal data and the information related to their policy. Everything is stored in a secure place, and you can locate all information on clients' electronic policy, property, and insurance claims from the platform.


Customize unique processes for each type of insured event

Teach the system to follow your unique claims processes and simplify your workload while making the process predictable and transparent for customers.


Custom real-time reporting on demand

Visualize key performance indicators on dashboards. All the data — from insurance losses to customer loyalty indicators — are visible in one place. Set up reports once and download the desired analytics in seconds.

reduction in document processing and application registration times
Now, we have less information that requires manual entry. It enormously reduced customer consultation time. All memos and applications can be sent automatically. Thanks to this automation, we have significantly reduced time for calls post-processing. Besides, it's now easy to onboard new employees. All updates and improvements are made quickly.
Ekaterina Yanovskaya
Renaissance Insurance Group
Call Center Specialist
Fraud monitoring

AI technology instantly detects fraud

Protect yourself and others

Describe behavioral patterns for all cases of fraud and share data with other firms.

Automatic scoring

Artificial intelligence will identify the risk of fraud for each case based on the circumstances in which the insured event occurred.

Load reduction

Set the risk level required to trigger manual or semi-automatic verification.

Fast communication with all stakeholders

Organize collaboration with all partners in a single interface.


Invite your appraiser into the system and “assign” him or her the task of calculating the damage and other associated costs.

Car services

Approve estimated repair costs directly in the card of the insured event and do not waste time coordinating with repair shops.


Brokers can manage insurance claims and fill out customer data related to them independently.


A real breakthrough in the global insurance business

Build a whole new level of customer service.