Manage all of your properties in a single environment
Answering thousands of calls and keeping track of maintenance requests is tedious, time-consuming, and inefficient. With our system, you can manage all of your properties and interact with owners from one screen. Use automation to take back your time and increase company profits.

Asset management made easy

Manage all of your assets in a single system. Real estate information, appliance and equipment warranties, maintenance requests — track it all using a single interface.

Manage property of any type

Add residential units, offices, factories, and commercial units to the system.

Maintenance requests

Create, manage, and update work orders and repairs.

Inventory management

Track usage and maintenance costs, upgrades, replacements, and repairs.

Tenant portal

Request services and get support from an AI-powered chatbot.


Assign managers automatically based on their qualifications and workload.

Warranty tracking

Attach warranty expiration dates to your assets and replace them on time.


All documents in one place

Store all documents related to a real estate property in one central location. You will get instant access to important papers and eliminate the risk of losing information.

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View the full history of your properties from one page

Every important event about the property is logged in a live feed. Maintenance requests, incidents, new residents — everything is visible on the property page with detailed descriptions.

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Track maintenance work in a single interface

Stay on top of maintenance requests automatically and stop wasting your time.

Three tools for efficient facility management

Monitoring all maintenance tasks is difficult? Our system makes it simple.

Let requests handle themselves

Create custom task sequences with our system. When a new request is created, you can automatically set deadlines and assign responsible managers to each step of the process.

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Keep your equipment running flawlessly

Create a preventive maintenance plan for your assets on each property, and we’ll make sure it’s scheduled into the calendar.

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Stock management

Let us handle the nuts and bolts

Do you need specific items to complete maintenance tasks? Tracking availability in the system will keep you from having to run to the hardware store.

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Involve tenants in the maintenance process

Using the portal, property owners and renters will be able to request service and track case progress using a smart AI bot.
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Track time and costs using our mobile app

Keep up with tasks on the go — your updates will automatically sync with the web version. You can use our mobile app anytime and anywhere.

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Automate your premises maintenance

Start managing your assets more effectively right now!