A smart platform for business process management
Tired of having to switch between multiple platforms just to manage different devices? We’re excited to announce the newest edition of our smart ecosystem — everything you need in a single window: project management, team workflows, document management, reporting, and client collaborations. Now you can automate 95% of your business processes in one place.
flexible solution

Let's make your work more productive

Every enterprise dreams of managing all work from one platform, but that can get complicated when your team uses multiple device types and operating systems. Having to purchase separate licenses for PCs and mobile devices can be confusing and gets expensive quickly. Our smart ecosystem solves the problem — in a single window system that we can help you implement in under two weeks.

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Select an area to automate

Facility management

Create a transparent facility management system.

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Procurement management

Speed up the procurement process: from application to contract execution.

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Data collection management

Set up processing and data management with RPA.

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Combine all auditing tasks in a single platform.

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Strategic planning

Set goals, define metrics, and track progress.

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Property management

Keep track of properties and register transactions.

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Financial management

Create, implement, and monitor your financial plan and budgets.

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Asset management

Get the best return on securities and other assets.

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IT Service Desk

Monitor incidents, requests, and calls by setting up an IT Service Desk.

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Product development management

Manage product development from concept to launch.

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IT asset management

Update data on the availability of inventory automatically. 

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Sales management

Manage customers in a single database with a flexible funnel.

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Claims management

Organize quick accounting and claims processing.

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Customer support

Significantly decrease wait times for your customers.

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Insurance policy management

Let an AI robot handle insurance claims.

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Human Resources

Monitor the efficiency and professional development of each employee.

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Recruitment management

Automate the search for and selection of qualified professionals.

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Knowledge management

Create a company knowledge base for quick onboarding.

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Law firm

Set up online services using smart AI bots.

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Intellectual property

Keep better records and track the status of all intellectual property assets.

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Legal Department

Manage lawyers, cases, and reports in a single interface.

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Contract management

Auto-generate contracts and agreement negotiations.

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Prevent violations automatically.

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Set up an automatic insurance cover system.

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Agricultural management

Supervise accounting, crop cultivation, and production.

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Real estate & property management

Automate management and maintenance of properties.

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Manage online sales and monitor transactions.

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The choice for a pro

Over 3,000 companies trust us to automate their work processes

Before we started using this platform, we’d have to change, delineate, and combine all internal workflows for all of the companies in our group. Using Case.one allowed us to see a project through in a fairly short time: it took only 3 months.
Sergey Martanov
We process about 4,000 orders a year, executing about 1,000 contracts. We chose this platform as our project management system. No other product has provided us with this degree of freedom. It has a clear, high-quality design and enables a high degree of individualization.
Konstantin Yeltsov
In the first week working on this platform, we realized how extensively this system can be used in our Legal Department’s work. We transferred all of our trademark registration and other intellectual property to Case.one.
Yuri Donnikov