Manage compliance risks and stay one step ahead
A smart compliance system will process requests, perform an audit, and make a report. Meet the requirements and standards without too much effort.

Preventing violations no longer requires direct supervision

Internal investigations are not trending anymore. Set up automated scripts for any compliance area. The system will independently identify risks and monitor the violations.
representative verification

Confirm credentials automatically

Eliminate the contract termination risk. Verify the credentials of the counterparty automatically before each transaction.

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Monitor labor standards
without too much effort

No need to manually monitor compliance with labor protection requirements or environmental standards. If the maximum permissible indicators are exceeded, the system will notify the work safety officer of taking safety measures.

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Procurement Control

Automatic compliance with procurement requirements

Make purchases according to all legal requirements. The system will automatically check the purchase order before sending it to the supplier. In case of violations, all of them will be identified and eliminated.

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smart templates

Streamline your reporing

After the audit is completed, a report with all the necessary data is automatically generated.

an all-in-one solution

Automate your work today

Your comprehensive compliance management solution.